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.:: {cerebral _ wasabi} ::.

Strange, geeky, technological, chaotic.

Cerebral Wasabi (山葵)
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1) The greatest rule of Nethack has to be All Opposites Apply And Are Waiting For Spontaneous Activation.

2) 52°10' N, 106°38' W, 481 meters ASL

abstract comics, absurdism, activism, aeon flux, alice in wonderland, all the good folk, amazing moments on film, animation, ascii art, avant-garde, beat poetry, bill c-31, biomedical science, body art, bohemianism, borg, carmen dell'orefice, cat macros, classic rock, coffee addiction, complicated simplicity/simplistic complication, counterculture, cthulhu, cyberpunk, defining moments, defining nature, demotivational posters, dia de los muertos, discordianism, dna extraction, do not want, do-ho suh, don't panic, down-to-earth out-there people, dr. david suzuki, eclectic mind, edward gorey, environmentalism, ethnic foods, etymology, failboat, fantasticism, film noir, fnord, following my fish, forbidden fruit, frida kahlo, frightening silver lamé jumpsuits, fringe culture, funk, geisha, ghost in the shell, giant robots, golems, good omens, goth-industrial music, grenadine, gustav klimt, hack your mind, hail eris, heart of gold, human personifications of technology, human rights, illuminati, incongruous humor, independant films, indie art, installation art, intelligent people, internat'l affairs, kabuki, khamsa, kimono, kingdom come, lime popsicles, lowbrow art, mediaform social commentary, memetics, muffins, music videos, neil gaiman, nethack, neuro-linguistic programming, nietzsche, o rly, obscure media, obvious elephant, old hollywood, oldschool goth, oral tradition, outward confinement, pathology, patti smith, peaches, pocket universes, pop surrealism, portmanteau words, procrastinating, propaganda, public radio, pumpkin spice coffee, questioning authority, random interlopers, retro futurism, ruby slippers, samosas, scoliosis cat, scottish folds, silliness, social justice, soy milk, steampunk, street art, sugar skulls, surreal humour, surrealism, sushi fanatacism, symbolism, taco salad as lifeforce, taoism, the abstract everyone, the clash, the dalai llama, the gamine look, the number five, the search for meaning, the weird and extraordinary, thundercats, tiki, trickster gods, underground culture, unintentionally but compulsively proofreading, webcomics, world serpent, yasd, yoko kanno, youtube, zenarchy, zombies, ümläüts, καλλιστι, לילית, , , 山葵